How to Test Whirlpool Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat-Bi-Metal

How to Test Whirlpool Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat-Bi-Metal

In buy to finish this work you will will need the following tools:

Needle nose pliers

phillips screwdriver

1/4″ nut driver

Ohm meter/voltage meter

You should Note: The process for switching a defrost heating component applies to all 3 styles of refrigerators. The 3 kinds are, aspect by sides, prime freezer mounts, and bottom freezer mounts.

The pretty initially thing that you have to have to do right before you start your installation is to disconnect the electricity offer to your equipment. From time to time there can grow to be a establish up of frost on the evaporator panel. If this has transpired on your evaporator panel, you will need to defrost it initially. The favored system is with a hairdryer. DO NOT use a warmth gun. It will give off too much heat, and could warp and deform your plastic liner. At the time you have defrosted it to the stage that you can see the screws, you can stop defrosting. Now you need to be in a position to clear away the screws alongside with the evaporator panel.

Soon after the evaporator panel is eradicated, you will need to have to defrost the evaporator as well so that you can locate the defrost thermostat.

Note: If you have a leading or base mount freezer that contains your icemaker, it will need to be taken off as properly. Following you have eradicated the evaporator panel, you also have to defrost the evaporator. You need to do this so that you can track down your defrost heating factor. It will be a black cylinder heater, or a glass cylinder that includes a coiled wire inside of it. The glass tube design and style of defrost heating aspect is Pretty FRAGILE, and if damaged is really perilous.

Note: Do not absolutely defrost the evaporator coils. You will need the defrost bi-steel change to remain cold. It requirements to be cold in get for you to exam it. The defrost bi-metal switch get hold of is shut when it is chilly, and open up when it is warm. You will locate the defrost bi-steel change fastened to the top right, or remaining corner of the evaporator coil.

Now that you have found the defrost bi-metal change, now you require to track down the wire ends or wire harness and unplug them. Set the Ohm/Voltage meter to Ohm. Attach one lead to each individual of the wire finishes, to test the bi-metallic swap. If the meter reads zero on a electronic Voltage meter, or if the needle moves to the appropriate on regular Voltage meter, then your bi-metal switch is very good. (If the bi-metal is nevertheless chilly) If the meter reads one on a digital voltage meter, or the needle does not shift on a common voltage meter, then the bi-metallic change is bad and it will need to have to be replaced.

The moment you have completed screening the defrost bi-metal swap, set the evaporator panel back again on and you also need to reinstall the icemaker(If applicable) You have accomplished the occupation!

We know this is only a normal notion on how to change the defrost thermostat Bi-Steel, but it should really give you the most important points to be ready to entire the job. If you nonetheless have any concerns on this process, make sure you experience free to get in touch with our tech guidance. They will be standing by to get your calls, and support you in any way that they can.