Fortuna: Roman Goddess ‘Lady Luck’ Provides Metaphors for Sustainability

Fortuna: Roman Goddess ‘Lady Luck’ Provides Metaphors for Sustainability

“I am not scared of storms, for I am finding out how to sail my ship,” Louisa Could Alcott, beloved writer, once wrote. Inside of this sentiment, just one finds the Roman Goddess Minerva, also identified as Fortuna. The fate of this goddess, shrouded in the irony of gentlemen disappointed in their lousy fortunes, has resulted in a figure of divine femininity witnessed as fickle, indeterminate, and unreliable. To the opposite, Fortuna gives divine feminine business people steerage as they set and maintain legitimate to a system of motion – and produce a sustainable marketing system for long run successes.

Fortuna is generally depicted with a horn of a good deal, like her sister goddesses of abundance, but more symbols one of a kind to her likeness assist us in knowledge how divine female business enterprise leaders could entry this archetype. With her hand on the rudder of a ship, or depicted with the wheel of existence, Fortuna teaches of the requirement to modify to transforming ailments, to alter our study course intuitively, as with the wind and weather conditions – metaphors for supply and need, storage and security, require and provision.

From Fortuna, women of all ages business owners learn to strategy ahead to mitigate the ebb and circulation of pure cycles from which the cycle of development, manifestation and abundance result. Thus, they may perhaps obtain prosperity and pleasure.

Goddess Fortuna, from time to time recognized typically or derogatorily as Woman Luck or Dame Fortune, enjoys historic origins as a goddess of agriculture in Greek, Roman, and Etruscan civilization. Her signature contribution possibly indicates the wisdom of earning provision for the foreseeable future in the present. Aligned with the knowledge and the intellect, artistic arts, and the healing of the overall body, she finds a exclusive viewers among the 21st century cultural creatives and alternative health practitioners who see the entrepreneurial path as a religious encounter with divine movement.

Driving a nail into the outdoors prime of the entry doorway of Fortune’s temple fixes the ending of the year, and welcomes a new cycle. This notion of endings is carried to spinning and the cutting of a thread likened to the premature ending of a person’s life. Images associated with spinning wheels, when metaphorically likened to ship’s rigging, counsel a divine purchase that guides change into replication. Below, just one finds to commence anew, she should consciously mark an ending.

An oracular goddess, Fortuna draws all those in need to have of reassurance. Folks in search of therapeutic would make clay votive choices in her therapeutic sulfur basin individuals looking for solutions would draw a information from the Goddess’ jar or take a adhere portending their result from a tiny boy inside of her temple. Thus, they would acquire hope for the foreseeable future.

Religious entrepreneurs may want to invoke the wisdom of Fortuna in purchase to accessibility the wisdom of their head to even further the do the job of their hearts. To entry the electricity of this goddess, inquire by what signifies can 1 honor the forex of the present by stabilizing, storing, and self-correcting?

Fortuna’s Wheel & Offer

When performing with the archetype of Fortuna/Minerva, many business owners find doing work with a wheel of the calendar year actually serves as an great standard internet marketing model to track sustainability in small business methods.

  • Initially, chart the business in a circle at the middle. Then, generate a “notion map” with arrows to represent advertising and marketing and plans.
  • Doing the job immediately, chart the courses and features radiating from the heart.
  • Subsequent, add circles and strains to attach the techniques purchasers discover the enterprise. These spokes require to be far more several than the outgo.
  • Eventually, talk to what spokes can be included to the wheel to radiate interest inward to the main of the company?

As feelings move, the progressive entrepreneur jots down encouraged approaches to act now to make sustainability in business.