Codifying Creativity

Can we codify creativity? Within just these several terms are a amount of ideas that must be identified and settled before we can definitely reply the question.

The 1st issue is, what is creativity? What are we making an attempt to codify?

1 beneficial definition of creativity is that it is trouble identification and idea era. A further is the creation of a amount of varied and novel ideas. Nevertheless an additional is the engagement in a range of assorted and novel behaviours.

The second question is, can we evaluate creativity?

This is essential, as any codifying have to end result in measurable modify. From the over, we can see that creative imagination can be measured on a quantity of degrees this kind of as: a) we can measure the amount of strategies made and their variety and novelty, b) the frequency of thought creation about periods, c) the frequency of divergent and novel behaviours engaged in more than intervals or d) we can check with persons to level themselves as getting resourceful just before and just after education.

The 3rd dilemma is, what do we imply by codify?

It means to code or organise into a systematic course of action. From the previously mentioned, it gets to be distinct that codifying creative imagination is doable if we develop systematic procedures that deliver measurable improve in the techniques mentioned higher than.

Now on to the genuine question then. Can we codify creativeness?

Properly, yes. If we just set out a variety of procedures that produce measurable advancement in the strategies described higher than.

What processes?

There are an infinite selection and each individual generates it is really very own established of effects. By combining, mixing and rearranging, distinctive outcomes occur.

Very simple psychological online games, these types of as job-participate in, can be utilized. In the Journal of Psychology, businessmen were questioned to level on their own on creativeness and they ranked them selves very reduced. Then, immediately after inquiring them to fake they had been content-go-lucky hippies, they re-rated on their own significantly larger.

Lateral pondering procedures can be applied, where the stage is to produce ideas with out intent, for the sake of creating ideas, abide by seemingly nonsensical pathways and so forth. This only maximises the top quality and amount of the thought pool.

Linking procedures can be made use of. Exactly where every day, novel and varied objects are employed to develop connections with the endeavour.

What I have just performed is codify creativeness. Question any group to come up with suggestions similar to a unique difficulty and they will create a set amount. Use the higher than a few (each and every contains an infinite variety of prospects) and the group will develop a lot more innovative output.

Applying and extrapolating the previously mentioned principles (and utilizing additional exact tactics), I can, for case in point, codify processes and constructions that make it feasible to comprehensive a screenplay quite promptly.

The higher than is an unbelievably basic case in point, but you get the notion. And this modest case commences to show how creativity can be made measurable, useable and tangible.

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Kal Bishop, MBA


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